St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
10888 126th Ave N. Largo FL

Since 1957
Member of the Worldwide Anglican Communio
Worship 9:15 a.m.

Wondering what you might expect on your first visit to St. Dunstan’s?

We’re a church that is friendly as all get out, loves to worship, and enjoys casual refreshment and conversation afterwards.

Friendly as all get out.    We have a bit of a… reputation.   We’re a friendly little church!  And we have to admit:  it’s true.   Be prepared for people to introduce themselves to you during the Peace (a time during the service when we exchange greetings with one another) and invite you to stay and talk with us during coffee hour after the service.

We understand that people have different styles.   Some people when visiting a new church want to meet people starting right away.   Others just want to slip into church and slip out without much conversation.   Whatever your style, please know that it’s fine.   We care about you, are glad you’re coming to worship with us, and want  to be as helpful as we’re able.

P.S. - Don’t even THINK about putting money in the offering plate if you’re a first time visitor.  St. Dunstan’s is fully supported by its members and the Diocese of Southwest Florida.  Our guests are just that…guests.  Welcome to St. Dunstan’s.
We love to worship.

Whatever kind of week you have, you have a place and some space on Sunday morning with us to get perspective.  Worshipping God renews us, helps us recover the big picture of life, and get in touch with God’s power to transform the world in ways big and small, starting with us.   We come to worship from different places and situations, and unite around God’s Word and Sacrament, leaving nourished and strengthened.  May the blessing we enjoy in the worship of God be with you, too.


P.S. -  Especially for parents of young children.

We know that you’re busy all week and want to worship with your children.  You can do that here.   If you have a baby, we have a space in the back of the church so you can be with your children and still be in worship with the rest of us.   For older children, we have toys, stuffed animals, and coloring books.