St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
10888 126th Ave N. Largo FL

Since 1957
Member of the Worldwide Anglican Communio
Worship 9:15 a.m.

Dunstan was an Englishman who in his day worked to improve the spiritual and temporal well-being of his people.  He built and restored churches, established schools, defended widows and orphans, promoted peace, and enforced respect for purity of life and the worship of God.  He was a musician as well as a metalsmith, made bells and organs, and loved learning so much that he corrected books to the benefit of other readers.  He encouraged and protected European scholars who came to England, and was active as a teacher of boys in a cathedral school.  In his last sermon, on Ascension Day in 988, Dunstan announced his impending death and wished his congregation well.  That afternoon he chose the spot for his tomb, then went to his bed.  His strength failed rapidly, and the next day he died.  Dunstan's final words are reported to have been: "He [Dunstan] has remembered God’s wonderful works, being a merciful and gracious Lord:   God has given food to those who fear Him."

In celebration of St. Dunstan, our church building and parish hall features stones from the abbey where St. Dunstan lived and ministered long ago.